February 12, 2024

Why DoorDash’s Super Bowl Ad Was Secretly Genius

The Super Bowl is not only the biggest night for football, but also for advertising. With hundreds of millions of viewers tuning in to watch the game and the commercials, brands have to compete for attention and engagement. Some ads are funny, some are emotional, some are controversial, but only a few are truly genius.

One of those genius ads was DoorDash’s “Your Door to More”, which featured Matty Matheson, Raekwon, and Tiny Chef, who showed how DoorDash can deliver anything from food to flowers to pet supplies and more. The ad also had a catchy song that repeated the phrase “Your Door to More” and showcased the variety of local businesses that DoorDash partners with.

But the most surprising and impressive part of the ad was the sweepstakes that DoorDash announced at the end. They offered one lucky viewer the chance to win every single item that was advertised during the Super Bowl, from cars to snacks to diamonds and more. All they had to do was enter a really long promo code that displayed on screen. The promo code was made up of words that described the items in the ads, such as “Doritos Dinamita”, “BMW All-Electric i5”, and “Clydesdale Saddle”. The promo code was so long that it took almost the entire duration of the ad to show it.

Here's why this is such a simple yet brilliant marketing strategy:

1. Created a sense of urgency

No actors or expensive cameras were needed for this, not even high-resolution graphics—just a QR code on a black background. The commercial was run long enough to catch your attention, get curious, and grab a phone to find out what was going on. Seeing as this was during the Super Bowl, people were more likely to watch through entire commercials. The Super Bowl is known for putting on a show for everyone: the football game itself, commercials, and of course the half-time show which is always a blowout full of talented singers and dancers. Not wanting to miss a thing, the audience is kept more or less captive, but entertained, for several hours. Additionally, this is generally the first time many of these commercials have ever been run. This combination of anticipation, excitement, fear of missing out, and expectation leads people to be more likely to sit through the entirety of such an ad.

2. Generated buzz through word-of-mouth

The 2022 Super Bowl was held on Sunday February 13th, and the deal was over by the end of February 15th. The limited time window for free money and a potential prize leads viewers to have a sense of urgenzcy before the offer is gone.

3. Showcased brand personality

It also demonstrated how DoorDash can deliver almost anything to your door, and how they support local businesses and communities. It also showed how DoorDash is fun, creative, and generous, aligning with their brand personality and values. This was a great way to differentiate DoorDash from its competitors and build a positive brand image and reputation.

4. Data for retargeting

Assuming a 2% ad conversion on 115 million Super Bowl viewers, DoorDash was able to collect an estimated 2.3 million customer data points in just 30 seconds. Enabling them to use this for customer retargeting. The viewers who entered the sweepstakes or tried to enter it had to provide their email address, phone number, or other contact information. This gave DoorDash a huge database of potential customers who showed interest in their brand and their products. Enabling them to use this data to retarget them with personalized ads or emails, based on their preferences and behavior.

DoorDash’s Super Bowl ad was not only entertaining, but also smart and effective. Their CTA was clear, as it told the viewers exactly what they had to do to enter the sweepstakes. It was compelling, as it offered a huge reward and a limited time to act. And finally, it was relevant, as it related to the products and services that DoorDash offers and the items that were advertised during the Super Bowl.

DoorDash’s Super Bowl ad was the most genius of them all, because it used a CTA that was not only catchy, but also strategic. It leveraged the power of retargeting to turn viewers into customers, and customers into fans. It was a win-win for DoorDash and for the lucky winner of the sweepstakes. And it was a lesson for all marketers on how to use a CTA to create a lasting impression and a loyal relationship.

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